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Learn about the Client

Your Needs Come First

We develop a clear understanding of our client's organization including it's cultural DNA, history, operations, and its needs to gain deep insight into what kind of leader will be most effective for you – now and in the future. We collaborate with you to pinpoint the ideal candidate’s competencies, personality traits, and behavioral characteristics. An important part of our role is helping you think about the “ideal candidate.” We make sure that we arrive at a working definition of the parameters of the search. As we work with you to develop candidate profiles, we help you weigh not only the immediate challenges of the role, but also your overall strategic objectives and the corresponding opportunities to enhance diversity and inclusion.


Prepare for the Search Process

We develop a formal profile for the search.  This is a collaborative document containing three major elements:

  • Description of the Client (including cultural aspects);

  • Detailed description of the position; and

  • Description of the technical and behavioral attributes that we are seeking in an ideal candidate.

We present the document in draft form to our client for their review and comments.  The goal is to make sure that we all have a common understanding of the nature of the position and of the attributes that we are looking for in a candidate.


Research & Sourcing

Research and Sourcing begins with the definition of the position and the desired attributes of the ideal candidate. We analyze data sources, including our proprietary database to identify likely potential candidates. It is during this phase that we initiate confidential discussions with potential candidates.


Evaluating Talent

Interviews and Evaluation take place after our research and sourcing efforts have identified qualified candidates.We use a combination of tools and resources to assess candidates. Our goal is to develop a composite picture that will provide information about the candidate and the likelihood that he/she will perform well in the culture of our client.


Present Candidates 

Candidate Reports and Recommendations are submitted only for the candidates deemed most appropriate for the position. We work closely with  our clients during the interview and assessment process and assist in evaluating their choices. The Final Phase begins when the client selects a candidate and is prepared to extend an offer. Chrisman & Company conducts in-depth reference checks, helps to negotiate the final offer, and assists the candidate on separating from their current employer as well as facilitates the on-boarding process.  We periodically follow up with both client and candidate to ensure a smooth transition.

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